So Adult acne is Pretty Easy to get Rid of, Right?

Here’s what most people think about acne – if you’re 20 or so and you still don’t have it, you can forget about it, because adults don’t get acne. And even if one does get it in adulthood, it’s pretty easy to get rid of, because in adults acne is just a result of poor hygiene practices. Scrub your skin hard, pop the two or three pimples that you have, and you’re good to go.

Well, as you might imagine, that is as fictional as it sounds. Somehow all acne, and adult acne particular, seems to attract all kinds of mythmaking. Would you believe for instance that 80% of the women who show up at any dermatologist’s for acne treatment are above 25? And many of them are actually close to 50.

It’s easy to see why we believe that adult acne or any other acne is a result of poor hygiene. Blackheads, for instance, look black. It’s easy to see, people believe, that the black comes about from too much dirt on your face. People believe something similar must be responsible for acne, too. In truth, dirt only has a small part to play.

And since dirt has nothing to do with it, scrubbing your face hard, as some people will recommend that you do, will not really help you either. It might help if you use some kind of face wash that uses salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. But scrubbing hard won’t help. Scrubbing hard won’t help because that might damage your pimples. When that happens, you risk getting the bacteria inside on the skin around the pimple and infecting that too.

And here’s another enduring myth about adult acne: it’s that since you’re an adult now, it’s just going to be temporary. The belief is that acne needs whatever hormones you have when you’re just hitting puberty. In adults with acne, the belief is that they’ll just come and go. Well, they’ll come and go all right, if you treat them. Doing nothing, you’re really not helping anything. But you don’t need to go get high-tech treatments. Simple over-the-counter stuff should do.

Some people believe that if you really work out well and sweat hard, you clean your skin inside out and that gets rid of the acne. While working out is great, it isn’t particularly great for your acne. What you really can do to help your acne other than to treat it, would be to check the amount of fat that goes into your diet. That’s something that really can help.

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