If you are looking to get your hands on Los Angeles County Divorce Records, there are two public agencies that you should visit – the California Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The Department of Public Health is the central repository of vital records in the state-wide level while the Superior Court is its counterpart on a county-wide level.

Divorce records are made available to the public because they are deemed as part of the public domain. Individuals or agencies are allowed to place a request for any particular divorce record provided that the proper guidelines are observed. A divorce record is required should a divorcee wish to marry again. Without the record, a marriage license will not be issued. Other uses of the record include checking the marital history of their potential life partner and claiming assets or properties amongst others.

To start a search, secure the proper request form at the Department of Public Health or at the Superior Court. The form can also be downloaded from their respective websites. Fill out the form with vital pieces of information such as the names of the couple, the date and place where the divorce took place, occupation of the couple, and others. After completing the form, submit it back to the office where you got the request form and include other requirements such as your proof of identification and a fee of $15 if you are requesting it as an individual entity and $10 if you are representing a public agency. After placing the request and the record you are looking for is not found, you will be given a Certain of Public Record. In addition, the fee you paid will not be refunded. The time it takes to process transactions is a couple of weeks to six months.

There are two types of records you can obtain: a certified copy and an informational copy. A certified copy can be accessed only by people whose names are on the record such as the couple, the presiding judge, and the couple’s respective lawyers. An informational copy can be accessed by the general public. Only a certified copy is acknowledged by the court as a supporting document in a legal proceeding. Informational copies are only meant for providing information. Both types of records contain information that can confirm if a divorce did take place or not.

A divorce record contains the terms and agreement of the divorce case as agreed by both the husband and the wife, and finalized by a judge. It includes the division of assets and liabilities, child custody arrangement, the reason of divorce, and others. Only those who have access to a certified divorce record can get a hold of these information.

Another method for obtaining Los Angeles County Divorce Decree is through an online service provider. There are a number of such sources on the Internet. However, not all of them are reliable. There are a lot of bogus service providers that just want to take advantage of innocent civilians. To make sure that you are the information you are getting is legit, run a quick background check on the service providers before you conduct your actual search.

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