You’ve heard of off label uses for drugs, haven’t you? (It’s where a doctor successfully uses a drug to cure a disease in a way the drug company never intended). Have you though heard of off-label beauty uses for stuff you might have around in your home – anything from kitchen ingredients to what you might have stocked in your medicine cabinet? You usually come to hear about these inventive uses for household stuff from a friend, from a family member, someone at the office who goes, “I’m sure this is going to sound silly to you, but have you ever tried using Benadryl on that?” Or something on those lines. There are beauty secrets out there that people just chance upon, and there is no explaining them. Here are a bunch of useful little tips for things you can do with just stuff you can expect to have around your home.

You always wanted to keep the fragrance of your perfume all through the day. You would spritz yourself at the office to freshen yourself up, but sometimes, there just isn’t enough time. How do you keep your perfume from fading away a couple of hours into your workday? There is that standup comedy scene in Seinfeld where Jerry makes fun of how women dab perfume on in all the wrong places – on their wrists, behind their ears – “Places they think we’re going”. Have you ever considered using your perfume on your hair? No, you don’t need to spray your hair; what you do is, you spritz a little perfume on a brush, and then right away, run it through a little part of your hair right from the roots to the ends. Your be surprised how well hair retains perfume through the day.

There is a scene in the Demi Moore movie Striptease, where the sleazy politician played by Burt Reynolds says he likes slathering Vaseline on his feet to feel his toes squishing up into Vaseline inside his shoes. Who would have thought that Burt Reynolds would have any sensible beauty secrets? That’s actually a great way to treat your calluses. If you have calluses on your feet and they won’t go away, you just need to dab on the Vaseline, put on a pair of socks in bed to keep the Vaseline from staining your bed sheets, and then go to sleep. Do this a couple of days, and the Vaseline will soften up those calluses right away.

What was that about the Benadryl, you are sure to be wondering. Some people when they exercise, get a healthy flush on their faces. It looks really pretty too; but when that flush won’t go away for hours, it can get a little annoying. What do you do about it? All you need is a shot of the Benadryl right after you exercise. Like many beauty secrets, there’s just no explaining why this helps. It just does.

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