One thing residents of The Golden State cannot live without are their Birth Records California. With the highest documented state population of more than 36 million according to 2009 Census, Californians need it for many reasons namely: for identification, job applications, passport processing and applying for marriage. Genealogy and family tree examiners also utilize this to seek for ancestors or far distant relatives of an individual.

With regards to state accounts, privacy of individual citizens and discretion of government data are put first in this part of the United States. Natal accounts before 1905 are stored in the county where the delivery occurred. After that said year, however, you should contact the Vital Records Office in Sacramento, Department of Health Services California where over 1 million events are filed annually that include nativity, death, marriage and dissolution of nuptial occurrences.

As of July 1, 2003, there are two kinds of certified duplicates available for public use. First one is the regular certified replica similar to those given prior the mentioned date. The difference is that this will only be issued to state authorized persons shown in the California Health and Safety Code Section 103526 namely the registrant, parent or legal caretaker of the registrant, party with court order, law enforcement member conducting official transaction, direct relative, or attorney of estate of registrant.

The second type is called Informational Copy. It is also a certified copy with the exemption that it is marked “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITIY” across its front area. This means that they are not considered valid documents to confirm an identity. Further, to obtain a certified copy you must complete the Sworn Statement attached in the request and affix your signature that declares under penalty of perjury that you have the right to receive such document.

Take note that prior to sending your request, you must verify varied processing times for such transaction. In particular, natal files beginning 1969 up to present demands three weeks to furnish data meanwhile same accounts that start from 1905 until 1968 entails six weeks to process. To amend a nativity documentation on the other hand requires four months to complete. A $2 increase is implemented to the usual charge of $16 for the said file since start of 2012.

Birth Records Free may be availed through several web portals today. As a matter of fact you can select from a free of charge service provider to the paid ones. With a simple navigation in the Web, you can have on hand any file you need. However, beware of complementary services for they might bring unwanted malwares to your PC. Rely only to reputable cost-based file retriever over the Web for a more fruitful search.

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