So you want to build a custom home? You’ve been dreaming about it for quite some time now and you want to take action on it. You’ve saved your pennies and you’ve saved your dimes and maybe even some good chunks of change here and there as well; and now it is time to put your money where your mouth is. Where do you start? You need some land. You need land that has been zoned to be residential so that you actually can build a home there. What does the rest of the process look like though? What else can be done? Check out the building process, the basic steps that need to be completed here: This is your custom home; after all you do want everything to be said and done at your command as far as preferences and things. You might not be a general contractor, but you do want to have a say on where the bedrooms are in the home, how tall the ceilings are (or can be) and what goes where and what color it will be painted. This is all your right! That is the beauty of custom home ownership.

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