Divorce records are essential for various legal and official matters. It serves as an undisputed proof of the dissolution of a marriage. In the state of Connecticut, the Department of Public Health is responsible for the maintenance of all public records, including the Divorce Records Connecticut, through its State Vital Records office. The office keeps a statewide registry of all vital records that were filed since the 1st of July 1897.

For divorce records that were recorded prior to 1897, only the Connecticut State Library’s History and Genealogy Unit is capable of providing those documents. You can either visit their official website or contact them by telephone to gather some information about the procedures and regulations involved in acquiring copies of such old records.

Sifting through Free Divorce Records online has become quite common these days. People do this to make sure that the individual they are having relations with is being honest about his or her marital history. But if you think about it, we are much fortunate nowadays. Prior to the arrival of the Internet, whenever people need to get access to any kind of vital information, the process can take a significant amount of time and finances. Most regular people in those days just do not have the appropriate resources to conduct background checks and marital history searches.

In the past, only law enforcement and government officials have the capacity to access public records databases. Because of this, most civilians would have to depend on them to acquire information or documents concerning Connecticut divorce records and other vital information. For people with abundant finances, acquiring the services of a professional investigator was usually the most efficient solution, but not all of us can obviously afford it.

But now that the Internet is widely available to most of the population, getting all sorts of information has become relatively effortless through online means. You can pretty much learn how to cook your favorite meal online, and gathering public records is no different. Today, there are a number of online sources to choose from, as far as acquiring divorce records is concerned.

If you check out the various commercial record providers over the Internet, you will get a sense of the type of service they can provide. With just a minimum one-time fee, you can take advantage of the website’s public divorce records database that is much more comprehensive than any other public record database out there. This is mainly due to the fact that most of these online public record providers have databases that cover every form of vital records from all of the fifty states. You don’t even have to visit multiple websites to collect the information you seek.

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