There are plenty of resources available for anyone in search of San Francisco County Arrest Records. A good place to start would be the local law enforcement agencies such as the San Francisco Police Department.

The San Francisco Police Department has a website for information on how to make a request for public records. Requests may be made verbally or in writing, and may be sent to the Department by regular mail, fax, or email. Mail requests must be notarized. For third party requests, an authorization letter or specific instructions that the report is to be released to a third party must be included. The request must include a description of the record in question and contact information that the Department can use to contact the requestor, for questions or for clarification purposes. The reason for the request is not required, but in-charges may ask questions to better understand exactly what kind of information the requesting party needs. Requestors should be as specific as possible in making the request to expedite the process. The public is encouraged to use the Department’s Public Records Request form that is downloadable from the website.

The California Public Records Act and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance gives members of the general public full right to access or inspect California Arrest Records, and all arrest records of the counties in California. Both laws oblige the state to provide members of the public prompt and thorough responses to requests for public records in possession by the Department. While this is true, some records are exempt from public disclosure under federal, state and/or local laws.

Generally, the Department has 10 calendar days to respond and complete a request. There are times when the Department may need to extend the processing time by an additional 14 days. This would depend on the volume of requests received by the Department, the amount of information that the Department staff needs to locate to complete the report, and if they would need to consult with another agency to complete the report. There will be no charge to review copies. There will be appropriate fees for redaction and for each copy made, whether it be in paper or in CD form.

Arrest records do not necessarily mean that the person involved is guilty of the crime in the incident he/ she was involved in. It should not be the only basis in judging a person’s character, especially in cases where the arrest record is used during hiring processes. One of the most common uses for an arrest record is during a background check for potential employees. It only means that the person with an arrest record had a brush with the law.

For those who are interested in doing bulk records search or who do not need official copies of the report, they may go online. Plenty of websites provide search services and databases. They may provide information such a San Francisco County Arrest log, jail bookings and current listings and may provide them free of charge. For a more comprehensive report, processing fee might be requested.

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