Just a few days ago was the first day of autumn. It is officially time for the changing of the seasons! With fall entering center stage, summer is exiting. In some parts of the country it may still feel like summer. Other places, it may already be as cold as winter.

With fall comes a significant fashion change. It is time to change to autumn colors, an autumn wardrobe, and also more conservative looks to keep covered up from the upcoming cold. Hairstyles are changing; go to hair stylist Josh to get a revamped and appropriate look. Makeup colors are changing as well. Remember the saying, not to wear white after Labor Day? This is in effect.

Be on the lookout for fall’s fashion trends as well. Some years the metallic look is in, other years it may be corduroy or black and white. With each year comes its own new flair in the world of fashion. Be true to yourself, but make changes as you and your lifestyle changes. Having the same look year after year can age you. Change it up a bit and try on something new, don’t just judge it based on how it looks on the hanger.

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