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The hardest part of keeping your skin from aging, has to be taking care of the skin around your eyes, your neck, and your hands. The women who are able to keep their skin plumped up and in beautiful condition, often find that their hands get away from them. Our hands have a way of becoming freckled, ridged with veins, and the skin, tissue paper thin. People don’t show their age these days the way they used to. An army of cosmetic surgeons and skin care specialists are on the job to recognize and arrest as early as possible any sagging, drooping, or wrinkling. If only they could work out something of this level of attention for emergency medical care.
Experts realize that anti aging skin care isn’t enough in some areas, like the hands.The hands are especially delicate, with thinner and more sensitive skin. And they quickly show spots, with veins standing out. Cosmetic treatment has indeed advanced far enough that these can now be treated; but hand treatment is such a new development in cosmetic medicine, it hasn’t caught on in the marketplace that well yet. But it’s only a matter of time.

Most women still rely on traditional cosmetic remedies for anti-aging skin care on the hands. They use moisturizing gloves (like Moisture-Jamzz), and heavy-duty hand creams. Hand care is the most aggressively developing cosmetic care sector around; treatments like injections to fill out your hands, and lasers for your wrinkles, are really taking off these days. The face has received attention for long enough; women now want to see what else there is they can do. Since the hands happen to do a lot of talking, and get a lot of attention, there’s practically nothing else in the antiaging skin care business, that is more important than hand care.

This isn’t all just about vanity either. Women need to be taken seriously where they work and the people who are old are often passed over for serious assignments. For instance, in the fashion designing business, or in films or music, they need to see someone who is young enough feel the pulse of the audience, before they put the project in your charge. If just to look at you they could tell if you are nudging 50, they’ll probably avert their eyes before you can catch them. People can’t retire now as easily, or as early as they once did. There is always a husband or wife who has been laid off, and people with a job, are always hoping to work for longer. Even for a lawyer, looking close to retirement age can make people want to walk on. In Washington, anti aging skin care for the hands is so popular, it would get you thinking. For politicians, the hands do a lot of their business. From handshakes, and placing their hands on a conference table, there is going to be a lot of attention to this very expressive part of them. Male or female, they had better make sure that their look pretty good.

So what kind of anti aging skin care treatments are the most popular? For vein-ridged hands, sclerotherapy is pretty popular now. They inject the drug in your hands, that makes the veins become more compact. Restylane, a plumper that people have used on the face for quite a while, is being used in the hands now to. They are not for everyone though, as they cost about $2000 a shot. A more expensive, revolutionary treatment involves taking out the fat in some parts of the body, and injecting it back into your hands. That’ll cost you $10,000, and last you a month.

We certainly do need a lot of patience to keep on top of all that goes on in every part of your body. Anti-aging treatment, if you take it seriously, can be a full-time job.

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