The wood has a very rich and dark honey color which makes it a very popular choice for homeowners. Some of the manufacturers also offer plenty of other shades which range from light to dark. When the wood is cut fresh, the heart of the wood is orange brown to yellowish color. However, when the wood darkens it turns to a red brown or brown color. The grain of the wood varies from wavy or interlocked to straight. It has a lower density then hickory and has great stability. Another benefit of Merbau is that it is resistant to termites. It stands on the Janka scale and is 5% harder than wenge wood, 18% than hard maple and therefore it is considered to be one of the most long lasting woods. Merbau also has a good ability for holding and even if it develops scratches or any type of damages with use over the time, it can be easily refinished with sanding. Merbau is suitable for homes with high traffic and kids. Even if you have pets and kids in your family, with just a little care and maintenance it is possible to ensure that your Merbau wooden floors remain as good as new for years. With years the floors gain their own character and continue to evolve over the time, looking more beautiful than ever.

Your subfloor should be relieved of any debris and have a perfectly flat surface. This is extremely important if you want your installed floor to continue to look nice and serve you for a long time. If it is a small room – use the straight edge. Next, mark any places where you find humps or low spots in pencil. Use a floor leveling compound to get rid of low spots and a concrete grinder to remove humps. Place a few rows of boards on top of the paper in the specific patter that you, as the installer, have decided upon. You may be wondering why you should be using wax paper as the underlay. Before installing the boards, first pre-lay them in order to get an idea of what you will be working with. You can use this time to remove any boards that you do not like for whatever reason. The boards should slide easily over the surface of the wax-paper.

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