Guys, do you think it is possible to get an 1 BHK fully furnished flat for rent in Bangalore without deposit nowadays? I searched everywhere, in all areas. Enquired with many real estate agents but all i could find was furnished flats with deposit.

The deposit amount is quite high. For example: I saw a good 1bhk apartment and it was fully furnished. I loved the way the owner had set it up. It had pleasant lightning, ventilated rooms. The kitchen wardrobes were designed well. The bathroom and floor tiling was set-up nicely. I also loved the small garden in the balcony. But when i asked for the rent price, i was disappointed to hear that I had to pay deposit amount of 11 months in advance.

The rent was of 14,000 INR per month and hence the deposit amount comes to 14000 * 11 = 154000 INR. Which is equivalent to 2438.103 US Dollars. I could not afford such high deposit amount. Even tough it was refundable when i vacate the house back, I had to reject the offer.

The land lords who offer the house for rent in Bangalore are ready to reduce the rent amount by 1000 Rs. But they do not agree to waive off the huge deposit amount. Many people like me in India cannot afford to buy such big rented apartments for this sole reason. This issues in not only in Bangalore but also in almost every city in India.

The deposit amount increases if you want an fully furnished flat for rent. If you can settle for an semi furnished or unfurnished flat then the deposit amount will be reduced by 25% to 30%. But then you have to buy all the things from your pocket to make it furnished.
You need to purchase sofas, cots, utensils, etc. This cost plus the deposit amount for an semi furnished flat will equal to an fully furnished falt on rent. But the big benefit is that the things you buy is your’s and you can take it back with you when you vacate the rented flat.

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