It has been observed that many marriages nowadays are ending up in divorce. Due to the rapid development of divorce cases in the country, a bill was passed which mandates to have these records to be publicly available. This bill is called the Freedom of Information Act which is implemented on all states of the country including Georgia. The Vital Records office of the Department of Health maintains the Georgia Divorce Records.

It has been noted that divorce certificates are commonly used to check the marital status of an individual in Georgia. Many would look up their partner’s records to check if their partners are legally separated or not. The document is also used to conduct a family history research. Now, employers would also refer to these records during an interview to screen their applicants. Most importantly, adopted children uses divorce information to track their biological parents.

The divorce record in Georgia indicates the names of the couple who separated. Information such as the address and contact number of the individuals are indicated on the record. It also includes the reason behind the separation, alimony and any custody if it is applicable. The place and date of the separation is also indicated on the record.

There are several things that one has to keep in mind when requesting for a divorce certificate in the state of Georgia. One has to fill out the request form and indicate the date of the separation you are trying to search. The names of the person you are doing the search with should be indicated on your request. Indicating the alias of the person can help in the retrieval of the document. The county where the couple was granted separation has to be indicated as well. One will also be required to provide an explanation for retrieval of the record. A fee of $2 is needed in order to process the request to search for the record.

The state keeps the divorce certificates in their church records. The family history book of the country also keeps a copy of the certificate. The Vital Records Office in Georgia keeps the repository of divorce records of the state. Divorce which was registered since June 19, 1952 can be registered from the office. One easy way to get a copy of the certificate is through the internet.

Online retrieval of divorce records has made searching for such information very convenient. Free divorce records can be retrieved through websites that offer their services for free. There are other websites that requires a small fee to process and conduct the search for you. Theses online services search in a series of database in order to provide the information needed.

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