Before anything else, it is important that have a piece of paper wherein you can draw out the sketch of the wiring and the lighting placement. Writing it down will make the project and the ideas go smoothly together.

When you are starting to install the low voltage landscape lights, make sure that you put them correctly in the designated positions across your yard. To make sure that they are evenly balanced, you can measure the distances between fixtures.

When installing path lights, it is best to place them about 8 to 12 feet apart, while remembering to position the first light ten feet away from the placement of the transformer. Moreover, do not put the lights closer than 10 ft from your pool or pond.

You should run your low voltage wiring according to your rough sketch, placing them above the ground near the fixtures. If you are planning to run the wiring on grass, you may need to cut the sod first before lifting it.

Position the low voltage landscape lights accordingly to achieve maximum lighting potential. Always tidy up all extra wirings and secure your transformer so that it won’t disappear.

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