When you are looking for something, and you just need to see a list of everything to know what is out there and to compare it to what you have, that is called a product list or product index. When you have an index like this it makes your life incredibly easier to have an inventory of what you have. By default you now have a list of items you have and you can easily conclude what items you need. Say you are building with electronics, and you need a certain type of transformer. Look on your index to see which kind of transformers you have, see then which you still need, order what you need at http://www.alliedcomponents.com/product_index.php. Your inventory matters! Keep track of what you have and you will be thankful for when it comes time that you need that oh so special part–you have it! It will be a great victory and you will be thankful for all of the upfront labor and planning you did in order to make that happen.

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