There are bad guys that roam free around the streets and you never know when they will commit their next evil deed. In the State of Texas, the government gives the citizens access to criminal records such as arrest records, jail records, police records, and many more, so that they will be equipped with the right information as to who they associate or not associate themselves with. In the Madison County, that is the job of the county Sheriff’s office. The office maintains Madison County Arrest Records. They are also the ones in-charge of accepting, or rejecting, requests for the records.

Arrest records are deemed part of public records. Therefore, anyone has the right to access them as long as proper procedures as observed. However, not all of the details are available to everyone. If it is not deemed necessary, you will only be given a copy of an arrest record that will be suffice to inform you of the name of the offender, the nature of offense, date and place of offense, name of arresting officer, and the likes. Full details of an arrest record is only given to a select few such as the owner of the record, his or her legal representative, person or group that made filed the charge against the offender, the presiding judge, and authorized law enforcement officers.

To initiate a search, secure the correct request form for Madison County Sheriff Arrest Records. You can head to their office to get the form or download it from their official website. Once you have the proper form, supply as much, if not all, the details that it requires. After completion, submit it back to the Sheriff’s office along with the fee of $9.95, which is non-refundable regardless of search results, and your proof of identity. You also need to state your reason for requesting a certain record. If the record’s custodian is not satisfied with you reason, he or she has the power to reject your request.

Be careful wit the information that you provide on the request form. If you include something that is inaccurate or outdate, there is a chance that the time it takes to find the record you want will be longer, or worse, you will not find the exact record.

It does not warrant that a person is bad if he or she has an arrest record under his or her name. However, it is something to take note of. Make use of the records if you want to conduct a background check on someone like a job applicant, a possible tenant, or a potential wife/husband. If a person has been arrested in the past but was not found guilty by the judge, you will not find his or her record because it will be expunged.

Another method for securing vital criminal information is by looking them up through online service providers. Along with arrest records, you can also find Madison County Jail Records. There are a number of service providers available online but not all of them are reliable. Prior to choosing which one to conduct your search on, check their business history first and see if they have a reputation as a reliable source for criminal records.

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