The state of Florida has become an open state since the Freedom of Information Act has been in place. This has mandated the local government to let the residents’ access their personal files. This includes the Marriage Records Florida. Making such document available for public access has helped the residents get their files easily for them to use it in legal transactions.

Transactions in the government usually call for a marriage certificate. Without it, one may have hard time processing the request. Transactions such as insurance claims and other legal matters which may involve both spouses such as dependent declaration would need marriage certificate. Ironically, it is also one of the important files required when a couple decides to separate. Genealogy research is also another use of the file since it is used as one of the primary sources of information needed to update the family tree. Without it, the family tree may not be updated thus may have problems tracing one’s ancestors.

Marriage Records would primarily focus on the details about the union of a couple. One would know their complete names as well as their parents’. The date and the place where the marriage was done are also indicated on the record along with the names of the witnesses. The document would also contain other personal details about the couple such as their birth date and birth place.

One has to pay $5 per requested copy of a marriage license. Registered marriage which dated from 1917 is the only records available at the Vital Records Section. Records registered before 1917 may need to be obtained at the county where the couple got married. It is a lot faster to go directly to the county court office to get the certificate since the search is done only on the local files instead of the statewide search.

Only the couple and their immediate family members are given access to the marriage certificate. One has to provide the accomplished request form and their personal information to have the request processed. By providing all the necessary information, it can help hasten the retrieval process. One may need to wait at least 2-3 weeks for the certificate to be released and sent to the requesting individual. One can add $10 to rush the service and get the record after 3 days only. However, this can be avoided by doing the search online.

Marriage License Records can now be requested from the Internet. It has helped the residents get their certificates in just seconds instead of days or weeks. Not only that it is fast but it is also convenient since the record can be obtained even without leaving home. There are several websites who offer to lookup the marriage license for you. Some would even offer to do it for free while others do it for a reasonable price. Many still opt to go for the paid search t make sure that the information they obtain is of quality and can be used right away.

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