North Carolina Criminal Records Public Access are reports that have been submitted by different enforcing agencies of the state. This can be the Police Department, Sherriff’s office, or the highway patrol. This document is one of the file that has been made open to the general public in accordance to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.

Criminal records of the state of North Carolina would contain information about the convicted individual. One would find the physical description of the involved individual. One would know if the person has body markings such as tattoo, scars and birth mark. The document would also contain a mug shot of the individual. Details about the crimes committed by the individual are also indicated on the file. One would be able to know about the charges and the sentences given to the person. Hearing schedules and procedures are also indicated on the file.

Criminal records are one of the important sources when conducting a background check. This is usually done by employers to filter out their employees and applicants. This helps them to ensure that they have people who can be trusted. By doing so, the company can eventually save their finances. Private investigators also refer to this document when conducting a criminal investigation. In some cases, the document is used as evidence that is presented during court proceedings. People would also check out their personal records to ensure that the information that can be found there are true and correct.

One should have the information about the crimes committed by the individual in order to obtain a copy of the criminal record of a person. However, this retrieval of the criminal record of another person is only possible with the help of a court order. Individuals are only given access to their personal files. Information about the one who filed the request is also needed in order to track the access of the document.

Free Criminal Records Search in North Carolina can be obtained at the office of the Department of Public Safety of the state. This is where all types of criminal records are being archived. Retrieval of the record can also be done at the office of the agency which reported the incident. One has to spend time in obtaining the document. The fastest time that the file can be obtained is 2 hours but if there are conflicts and issues, it can take at least 2 weeks or ten working days. This long wait time has improved with the use of the Internet.

Retrieval of a criminal record is now a breeze thanks to the Internet. Going to the office is no longer a need since it can be requested anywhere that has Internet connection. The results of the search are also displayed after a few seconds only, thus making it easier and convenient. There even websites that offer to do a free criminal records search but the results may not be as reliable as paid services online.

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