When it comes to holiday vacations, waterfront locations are always at the forefront. It seems we can’t just get enough of the blue waters that surround us. After all, even before we are born, we’re already surrounded by water inside the womb. So, water seems to be everywhere, and that’s where we’re heading most of the times we’re in for a good holiday vacation.

Here are the top five reasons why a waterfront accommodation retreat is not just best for your holiday, but also for your company’s business conference and meetings.

Water Gives Us that All-Natural Feeling

We need not mention that approximately of our body is made of water. And even when we grow older, this sense of connection with the universal liquid has always been innate us. There is no denying that just by the sight of a beach, lake or any body of water, the priceless feeling of comfort and tranquility always gives us that rush of pleasure and delight.

And we do not even need to give you more clues. If you’ve been paying attention to world history, you’d realize that ancient civilizations started along bodies of water such as riverbanks (as in Egypt’s Nile) and shorelines. Not only do we need water to survive, but also watersports activities give us the time off from our busy routines too.

The Sight of Water Relaxes Us

Need proof that those pristine waterfront locations are just blissful? Arecent study suggests that exposure to the sight of scenic views of nature makes our body feeling calm and relaxed. Among the subjects who participated on the research, 93 percent described calm feeling when handed a questionnaire. The study also showed that different areas in the subjects’ brain reacted differently when they were shown an urban view and a natural-environment view.

The Blue Color is Soothing, and It’s Generally the Most Favorite Color

So what’s the world’s most popular color? It’s blue.

This 2015 survey showed that 42 percent of men and 35 percent of women find blue as their favorite color. This is never surprising because in the first place, we live in a blue planet. We’ve been accustomed to this color since we were born. Looking at the sky and the sea, we know what nature has bestowed upon us. So, if you find yourself in an environment full of your favorite color, the feeling of bliss and contentment abound.

A Final Thought

Not only do waterfront locations offer a perfect spot for your vacation, but also serve as a good alternative for your business meeting and conference. What better ways to culminate your business meeting than doing it in a conference center in a waterfront hotel location!

So it seems the color of water and the sky will always be here to stay. And as long as find enough time to connect with nature, we’ll always enjoy that harmony and balance that only nature could provide.

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