Sacramento County Arrest Records are public information that the government is required by law to make available to everyone in the general public. Other such vital records include birth records, death records, marriage record information, civil records, and many more.

Arrest records contain information about incidents wherein a person or persons have been questioned, apprehended, taken into custody or detention, held for investigation, charged with, indicted or tried for any felony, misdemeanor or other offense by any the authorities or military authority. They don’t necessarily indicate that the person/ persons involved have already been convicted. These records simply show that the person/ persons involved had a brush with the law.

These records can be accessed through free public websites. California Police Records are available in plenty of online public databases. For a copy of the record, however, the searcher must proceed to the sheriff’s office of the county where the arrest took place. For those searching for Sacramento County Arrest Records, these can be obtained from the Sacramento County Police Department or the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

The Records and Warrants Section of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office processes roughly 120,000 crime/incident reports each year. They provide record/warrant information, criminal records, DMV, missing persons status, parole/probation status, stolen vehicle and property statuses, to field officers, detectives, and allied police force agencies via radio, telephone, and teletype operations. Crime or incident report data are available for download from the Crime Report Database located in the Sheriff’s Office website. The Records and Warrants Section offer services to the public. Such as Visa Clearance Letters, Criminal Records Reviews, and report copies.

The most common use for this kind of information is during a criminal record check. A background check will reveal information on an individual’s private history. Companies will want to determine if a job applicant is qualified for the vacant position he/ she is applying for. A landlord may want to check a new tenant’s background before allowing him/ her into the premises. A person might want to be extra safe and know his/ her new date better. In any case, a background check will ensure public safety.

Arrest details can be easily accessed online. Besides the Sheriff’s Office’s website, the Sacramento Police Department website also maintains a Sacramento County Arrest Log. The Sacramento County Police Department responds to a number of events and calls each day. To make it easier for citizens to follow this information, they provided a Daily Activity Log. The public can read police activity by simply clicking the desired date in the website. To request for the official copy of a report, the requestor must purchase it from the Sheriff’s Office. The requestor must meet the requirements set by the law. The Sheriff’s Office could also withhold certain information, such as the victim’s information and facts. The requestor may look into the website to ensure that he/ she has all the requirements necessary to request for a copy of an arrest report. These may include forms, fees, and identification.

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