One of the documents that can be accessed by the public in Georgia is the Divorce Records Georgia. This was done because of the alarming number of divorce cases in the country.

One of the ways to reduce the number of divorce cases was to make the state’s divorce records open to the general public. This has allowed many to aware of the marital status of their partners prior to marriage. One would be able to determine if the person they are planning to marry has been married before or is legally divorced.

Although, the record itself is considered as one of the public documents of the state, not all of its details are publicly visible. The general details of the separation are found on the document. Such information includes the names of the husband and wife along with the date and the county or place where the separation has been granted. Other important details about the separation are kept from the public. This includes confidential information related to finances of the couple and the custody of the child. The reason of the separation is also kept private for the protection of the individual.

Divorce that has been registered since June 9, 1952 is the only documents that can be obtained in Georgia. Although, it is the office of the vital records of the state that manages the divorce files one still has to file the request at the county where the separation has been granted. If the county of divorce is not known by the one who request the file, one can call the Vital Records office and you will be forwarded to the appropriate county.

Searching for a divorce record in the state of Georgia would cost $10. The fee, however, does not include the charges for issuing a copy. If one wants to have the record certified, a $2 processing fee has to be paid on top of the search fee. An additional $.50 per page is needed in order to get a certified copy of the divorce file. To make the search easier for the staff, it is recommended to provide the important details of the file that is being obtained. One is also required to indicate the reason for accessing the record and the name of the one who request for the document. Searching for the divorce records now has been improved.

It is now easier to find Public Divorce Records nowadays, thanks to the development of the Internet. The cost for the retrieval of a file has also been reduced when one uses the Internet. One of the advantages of doing the online search is that it is faster and can be done privately. The search can be done at home and the results are displayed right away.

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