As far as vital records are concerned, the state of Florida has been doing an excellent job providing the public access to its records. The state’s maintenance of Florida Marriage License Records and other vital documents have been quite impressive as well, considering the fact that Florida is known to have more than five million records and marriage licenses on file.

The main credit for this above average work actually goes to Florida’s Bureau of Vital Statistics, which operates under the umbrella of the Florida Department of Health. Like any government office or agency, the Bureau has its own set of procedures, or protocols, that all applicants must adhere to. And since Marriage Records and other vital records are kept in confidence, those who wish access to such information will have no choice but to follow procedures and meet the requirements.

The Florida Department of Health is responsible for all public documents; including marriage licenses that date all the way back to June 6th 1927. Marriage records that were filed prior to the aforementioned date are only available at the county court clerk’s office where the union actually took place. For genealogists who are trying to trace a family’s lineage, searching for hundred year old documents is quite common. And the county’s Clerk of Courts is where they usually track down the record they are looking for.

For those of you who are only trying to conduct a marital background check on prospective spouses, going through bureaucratic channels is probably not the most efficient way to do your search. Although government procedures are quite effective, it’s not really practical if you are only after certain information that is listed in the records. Furthermore, accessing Florida marriage records through the government can take time. Some can even take up to a week of processing before you can get your hands on the document.

Having that said, there are other options you can try to make your research yield results more efficiently. The Internet can provide you with a variety of resources to make conducting marital background checks more convenient and practical. You don’t have to follow strict procedures or complete rigorous requirements to get the information you need.

Online record providers are quite competent enough to provide their client-base with access to accurate and up-to-date information regarding marriage records and other vital documents. And all that is required of you is a small one-time registration fee. Yes, there are other data search websites out there that offer their services for free, but nothing beats good quality service that only pay sites can offer. With a comprehensive database of public records, you will never have to look elsewhere again for all your vital records search.

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