Vicodin Addiction is more common than you may realize.

People wonder sometimes if drugs like Vicodin are inherently dangerous. Are these not drugs that are going to turn anyone into an addict?

If we lived in a world that made any sense, Vicodin, the opioid painkiller would be allowed to do the job it was designed for – it would help people who suffer from painful afflictions that they come down with from time to time.

Since Vicodin is an opioid, it has an ability to accustom the body to what it does. With that kind of overfamiliarity, the body in some people, begins to crave increasing quantities of the drug to feel a numbness or pain.

To some people, the most desirable part of Vicodin use has nothing to do with its painkilling abilities. It has to do with the incidental effects. As any opioid does, Vicodin can make you sleepy, euphoric and quite unaware of your surroundings. Vicodin addiction is a dangerous condition.

As time passes, Vicodin addiction demands that you keep escalating the dose so that you may continue to feel that kind of pleasure that you’re used to. Some people in desperation, trying to give their Vicodin rush little extra kick have other kinds of drugs added -like alcohol, Xanax or another opiate painkiller.

Why should people prefer Vicodin addiction to any other kind? If they do want to go with an addiction, should they not just choose the real stuff? Vicodin happens to be popular, because it doesn’t turn your life inside out the way regular hard drugs do.

It takes so long for the effects of this drug begin to begin to manifest themselves that you can usually consider yourself safe from detection for longer than any other drug. Certainly, the first couple times that you go on Vicodin, you do appear drunk and giggly. But after that, you can stay on your high without anyone being any the wiser.

If they do happen to skip a dose, the withdrawal symptoms begin immediately, and they can be quite fearsome. You start with waves of pain, get cramped over and your digestive system completely gives up. You get rashes, bouts of uncoordinated pain and migraines. Sometimes, you see things that just aren’t there.

These start perhaps three days after you go off the truck and can last for days on end.

Studies actually exist that reveal the truth in this matter. Of all the people who were prescribed Vicodin for pain, less than a tenth of 1% actually going to use the drug for their own recreational needs. Vicodin addiction isn’t a given just because you should start using the trunk. You only get to that stage when you choose to. And that decision lies entirely with you.

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