Lupus Pacing

For many years I kept telling my Rheumatologist that all I
wanted to do was sleep and that I was concerned that I would fall asleep while
driving my children home from school. My Rheumatologist answer to this was you
must pace yourself and learn how to deal with Lupus Tiredness.

It is really hard to do Lupus Pacing when you have a large
family all demanding your attention, wanting everything done that minute. It’s
really hard for them to understand what the lupus tiredness is like and how
strong the urge is to sleep even when you have had a good night sleep.

It’s not only about pacing yourself it is also about
accepting the fact that you do need to Lupus pacing yourself and not in just short
periods of time but all the time.

Learning to say no to your children and explaining why you
can’t do what they have asked you to do, as you need to pace yourself. Lupus
is possible and does work.

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