When your vehicle stops running on a busy highway or on an empty road, hiring a local towing service is highly recommended. In many areas, pushing a vehicle to a service station is illegal. If you contact a tow truck driver for a tow, someone will drive to your location to help you in a prompt manner. For a Safe Tow Truck in Bronx NY call (347) 434-2929. Swift towing service is important to a skilled mechanic; getting your vehicle away from oncoming cars on the highway is every mechanic’s main goal. At Bronx Tow Truck Company, towtruck drivers help people on Pelham Parkway, Jerome Ave, Tremont Ave. Other Elite Towing And City Wide Towing Benefits Besides tows, a safety tow truck technician also provides roadside assistance. Since local towing in New York is a 24 hour towing service, you can always get a skilled mechanic when you need a tow. Auto Towing Roadside Assistance Safety – Preparing For A Tow The moment your car breaks down, turn on the hazard lights. The lights will warn every one on the highway that your car is not working. Do not turn off the lights until the towtruck arrives. If your vehicle is still moving when trouble strikes, safely pull over to the edge of the road. Then, adjust the steering wheel so that it points away from the road . At this point, you must use your emergency brake. After the vehicle is safe and secure, call a city wide towing company. In New York, Bronx Tow is an elite towing company that offers local towing and affordable towing to Pelham Parkway, Jerome Ave, and Tremont Ave. Our auto towing technicians are highly educated, so all tows are handled in a professional and safe manner. If you ever need affordable towing from a 24 hour towing service, contact Bronx Tow while you are stranded on the highway.

Bronx Tow
778 Morris Park Ave. #13
Bronx, NY 10462
(347) 434-2929

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