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There may be confusion in your home about what is truly healthy for your family to eat. There are so many products on the market that promise health benefits that they simply are not really offering. Some use trick wording, and some make a big deal out of one healthy ingredient while the rest of the ingredients are very poor for your health. It is especially confusing when you are trying to pick out healthy breakfast cereals that are going to be good for you and your family while still remaining tasty and appetizing for everyone.

There are some cereals that we all ate as kids, and our parents never thought twice about what they were made from or how much sugar we may have been eating. We even piled sugar on our sugar and went about our day. It became increasingly apparent that this was not good as the numbers on the scales went up as we got older. Cereals were not the only culprits, as full sugared sodas and other types of fattening yet nutritionally void foods became the rule rather than the exception. Healthy breakfast cereals were almost unheard of, and were only things our grandparents ate.

Today, we know better, but that does not mean we do better. The fact is that most of the foods that poorer families can afford are the foods that are full of nothing but sugars and fats. They are high on bad carbohydrates and have little value for growing bodies. Cereals are still problematic, as many of the most inexpensive brands are no good for kids. Many of them are trying though, because they know many kids get cereal most days as the first meal of the day. Some of our favorite brands growing up now have more fiber in them, which is great, and they are trying to lay off on the sugar.

Some of the healthy breakfast cereals out there are more appealing to kids today, and there are many more new ones from which to choose. There are great cereals that have real fruit in them with little to no added sugar. There are some that use honey as a natural sweetener, which is nice because you only need a little to add a touch of sweetness and the cereal tastes great. There are just as many healthy breakfast cereals in the aisles of your grocery stores as there are the kind you may want to avoid.

The problem may not be finding healthy breakfast cereals for your family. The problem could be that your kids still want the sugar filled types that are geared towards kids with marshmallows and characters. If your kids are having a fit, remember that you are the parent and they are the kids. They will eat what you buy. You could compromise and buy them a box of the sugar stuff once in a great while, as long as they eat the type you like most of the time. Chances are good that they are going to like the healthy stuff just as much once they give it a try.

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