Who says divorce records are of no relevance? These records are absolutely helpful to anyone. They contribute to the legal and historical records of any place. Each state has these records too, including the state of Virginia.

Through the Division of Vital Records, Virginia Divorce Records are stored on a statewide level. That is why searching for such record in the state of Virginia is very easy. In accordance to the policy of the Freedom of Information Act, the said records are open for everyone to view and have access to. Thus, it is part of those vital public records nowadays. With the state of Virginia’s statewide level of searching, the process should be done with more convenience then.

When you search for Free Public Divorce Records Virginia, you can do it through your local government department or office that is taking care of this kind of concern. By doing it that way, certain procedures should be properly followed for you to obtain the information that you need. You also have to be ready to fill up the necessary form in which you have to enter relevant information such as the divorcee’s first and last name, the year when the divorce occurred, the location where the divorce happened, and your personal information such as your full name and e-mail address.

There are three ways to obtain that certified State of Virginia Divorce Records according to the Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics. The first way is through mail. This way, the waiting time is around 1-2 weeks or around 5-10 working days. The second suggested way is through walk-in. This way is said to be the fastest way in obtaining information from such record. With the completed form and the required fee, you’ll surely have the information you need. The third way is through the express delivery using the VitalChek Network. It requires you to wait for 2-5 business days but you have to have a credit card that you can use to pay its required service charge.

Divorce Court Records are also available to the public. It can be found at the local courthouse where the divorce court proceedings were conducted and they are uploaded to state record repositories. What do you get from these divorce court records? Such document reveals personal details of both parties as well as their parent’s and their children’s. It also indicates the time, place, and reasons for the divorce, the filing number, decree, division of asset and settlement, restraining orders, children custody and other relevant information.

It is also important that you have knowledge as to where the divorce occurred before starting a divorce court record search so that you won’t catch yourself in the middle of nowhere since county courthouses are not linked. These court records are classified into free and paid versions. The latter is recommended for serious purposes than the other.

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