When we talk of women’s underwear, we are basically referring to their intimate wears that includes bras and panties. Every woman wants to look gorgeous from within and there are endless varieties of underwear for them to choose from. To begin with, for a woman to walk around with visible panty lines is an eyesore to those who have to stand the gory image the whole day. That is why it is important for the woman with a fashion sense to have seamless panties which do not call any unwanted attention. These are available as boy shorts, thongs and briefs. Depending on a woman’s personality, she has a whole range to choose from.

Women’s underwear is also made up of pretty panties which are created for the young at heart. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and depending on how creative one is, there are endless designs that fit comfortably. These include the barely there flawless fit hipster which goes for $9.00 and higher. The hanky panky is 100% cotton and goes by the design original rise organic. It retails for $ 20.00 and higher and it is available in white and black. The maiden form micro fibre boy shorts auger well with the conservative types and form a comfortable fit. They retail for $10.00 and higher and women will save some dollars if they buy them in pack of three which goes for $27.00.

Bras also make up women’s underwear and there are several designers who specialize in this vital garment. These include Calvin Klein, Bali, Felina, Wacoal, Chantelle and Goddess among many others. It is important for a woman to have her cup size right if she is to buy a bra that fits perfectly. Many women walk around in the wrong bra sizes which are either too tight or too loose since they do not take time to fit them well. There are many designs that bring out a woman’s personality some of them being the minimizer bra, the T-shirt bra, the bandeau, the push up bra, the convertible and the DD among many other varieties. These bras go for $40.00 and higher depending on the design.

There is also specially designed women’s underwear for the bridal party to give the bride the ultimate princess feeling on her big day. These include the Dominique which is made up of a long line lace torsolette and goes for $59.00. The Caress bustier goes for $45.00 while the long line smooth strapless retails at $55.00. There is also a convertible push up bra which can be worn with or without the stripes. It works best for strapless wedding gowns and evening dresses and retails for $62.00. There is also a bare backless bra which is ideal for backless gowns. This one goes for $78.00 and is very convenient for that night out.

The bridal panties available among the women’s underwear include the fancy jezebel which is a G-string retailing at $13.00. The Lunaire is a sevilla tanga type and goes for $16.00. The romance thong is a favorite among many brides due to its design and will be bought for $45.00. These prices however vary with different lingerie stockists.

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